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This week marked another recovery week and I think the timing was perfect. Time to scale back a bit after three solid weeks of quality training.


That’s why we have recovery weeks!!!

PM: 2700-yard swim was planned. I got through my warm-up and a little over half of the main set, when the lifeguards notified the swimmers that thunder had been heard and the pool would be closing for a minimum of 30 minutes. I thought I was in the clear when I arrived at the pool. We had thunderstorms move through the area a bit earlier.  I called the pool after I left work and the pool was closed to swimming at the time but planned to re-open in 10 minutes. Since it seemed like the main line of storms had already moved through, I thought all would be good to get in my full swim. I was ready to get through this workout so I was bummed that I had to end early.  I was able to complete 1825 yards.

AM: 1 hour yoga: This session felt especially great this morning. I knew I still had plenty of tightness from the weekend’s training sessions, so my body definitely needed it.

PM: 30 mile ride with the TriLife group. It was a rain and thunderstorm free evening, so I was happy! The weather was beautiful with the temperatures in the low 70s when we clipped in. This group ride had a good turn out and lots of variety in pacing. There was a group tagged to ride 20+, a group to ride under 20 and then a third group to ride around 16. The first two groups rode off together to get in the warm up and would further break up after we got going. It was a quick paced warm-up, but we all hung together. After about 10-15 minutes into the ride, the 20+ small group took off and then the rest of us in the second group were rolling. As we settled in, you see others that are naturally hanging together. I ended up riding with two others and we worked together and alternated taking the lead. As is typical, this was a good, challenging ride and I pushed myself. We ended up with an average pace of 19.1. I will take it!!!

Unfortunately, my right glute and hip were feeling pretty achy that evening afterward. Tony rubbed it out which helped, but I was sore.

I had planned to run in the morning, but due to my soreness, I decided to pass on the run. I had a PT appointment that evening, so this ended up being a training free day. My PT gave me a couple new drills to work on and he also watched me run on the treadmill. His main feedback for me was that he wants me to work on increasing my cadence. He suggested that if I have “quicker” feet, there would be a lessened impact to my body. I have never really been able to maintain a 90 cadence consistently, usually mid to upper 80s, so this is something I will definitely be focusing on.

PM: 22.5 mile ride from the TriLife store.  There was a smaller turn out for this ride, as compared to Tuesday, but still decent.   The first 3o minutes or so as we headed out were very quick. The pace eased up cosiderably in the miiddle and then back up a bit toward the end.  Tony rode this ride too, so I stuck with him and two other guys for most of the ride.  It was awesome that we had better weather this week and I was able to ride outside twice with the group!


Jovi Rest2

8-mile run outside.  The weather for the entire weekend looked gloomy and chilly, so we got out mid-morning with the plan to complete the run before showers moved in.  Tony and I ran from the house throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.  This is a tough route with lots of hills. The exact route we had run a few weeks ago, but just added on an additional mile. I felt pretty good on this run, but did not seem to have an extra gear for my pace, especially early on. I was not really trying to push it too much, but my effort should have dictated a quicker pace. No concerns though, as it was recovery week.  We made it home before the chilly rain, so great timing!

3100-yard swim:  This was a good swim for me. I had not swum anything over 500 yards (in a continuous set) in quite some time and the first set of 600 felt very smooth in the water and my balance and timing were good.  My 300s were very consistent with one another. The 200s were pretty much in line with the fast/moderate/slow efforts I used. The 100s were not as the pace I would have liked, but I was definitely feeling some fatigue and as a result I felt my form compromise a bit, but overall, a lot of good stuff to take away!

I will share this workout with you since I don’t think I have before. I think it is a good one and I encourage you to give it a try!

W/U: 500 easy mix with swim/drills/pull/kick incorporated throughout
Main Set (2400 yds):
-600 easy-to-moderate, 1min rest
-2×300 easy/moderate, :30sec rest between intervals
-3×200 easy/moderate/fast, :30sec rest between intervals
-6×100 build each 100, :30sec rest between intervals
C/D: 200 easy

Later that day…..


…….just what I needed.  It had been entirely too long since my last massage and I am a big proponent of them, especially during training.  I finally got one scheduled and it was awesome!

Total training time:  6 hours 48 minutes
Swim: 4,925 yards
Bike: 52.4 miles
Run: 8 miles
Other: 1 hour

I also incorporate twice daily PT exercises that are meant to strengthen/stretch my glutes, hamstrings and re-align my hips. This probably averages about 25 minutes a day and I have not included that in the above totals. However, this is probably one of the smartest things I am doing daily!

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AM: 1 hour of yoga.  This is not a bad way to start the new week when the last workout was a long run.  Good energy for a Monday!

PM: 2400-yard swim
I was all over the place. I started feeling like the workout would be fine, but it ended up being a day where I felt I was battling with myself. My form was way off, I felt out of balance and like my feet were dragging the bottom of the pool. The more I tried to correct it, the more I felt like I was flailing all over the place. Geez…was this a repeat from last week?

PM: I packed my bike in case the weather cooperated to ride with the TriLife group. The forecast did not look promising, but my thought was that if I didn’t take my bike, the weather would cooperate and if I did…rain. Before I left work the radar showed an upcoming band of storms, so it was home I went with my (once again) unridden bike (happened twice last week). On my way home, I decided to flip flop my planned bike for my Wednesday morning scheduled run.

The run was a 60 minute (5 min warm-up/5-min cool down) main set tempo at my current pace (recall that I finally hit the 45 minute mark last week at this speed).  Well, I am happy to report that I knocked the 60 minutes out of the park!  I was happy to meet this milestone.  I have been working at this speed for six weeks, so it is awesome to have gotten stronger and check off the full hour maintaining goal pace without needing to slow to maintain heart rate zone.

AM: 55-minute trainer ride with high intensity intervals. This one is always a treat…..

PM: 2500-yard swim
The swim was pretty good. After Monday’s session where I left feeling frustrated, I was able to re-focus and feel better about my performance. Before I swam, I watched a couple of videos to remind myself of some good, basic balance drills. I did a couple of these during warm-up and really took my time to reset mentally and physically. For my main set, I decided to just focus on the shorter sets to try to get my mojo back.  I left the pool feeling better than I had in some time.

PM:  Another day to “hopefully” ride outside…well, we can hope.  AGAIN, the weather looked like storms were approaching (you would think we were already in the middle of summer with all these afternoon storms in the area), so I drove home after work and did another reliable trainer ride.

65-minutes on the bike for a lactate threshold focused session that looked like this:
– 10min spinning easy  with 2-3 30-sec accelerations toward end of warmup.
Main Set:
– 4x10min at resistance that raises HR to (or just below lactate threshold). Intensity should be uncomfortable but if breathing is heavy (huffing/puffing) back off intensity to get breathing under control.
– Alternate cadence between 80 RPM and 90 RPM every 2min (in the 10min set)
– 5min recovery between sets.

Session was solid.  I skipped the normal 10 minute cool down to run a short 1.58 mile brick.  Trying to keep the legs honest…



Tony and I headed out late morning (after some lingering showers cleared up) to ride one of our regular routes.  We have tackled this one frequently over the past several weeks as it has some decent rollers and flexibility for distance.  The day was beautiful, but unfortunately, Tony nor I were having the strongest of days.  I did not have the power I generally have, but just kept working.

Pretty close to the point where we would be hitting the halfway point in the planned mileage, we came to an intersection where they are constructing a bypass.  We had not gotten to that point in mileage on that route yet this season, so we were surprised to see this road work.  Well, what was awesome, is that the highway is almost done; it is not open yet, but for our purposes, we had miles of fresh pavement closed to traffic.  Easy choice…we took advantage!  In exchange, we were able to regain some of the speed we lost on the earlier hills, because this stretch of road was fast.  It was fun!!!!

We ended the ride with 52 miles in about 2 hours 52 minutes.  Despite the way we were feeling, we ended up having a good ride!

open road

Rain was in the forecast for the day, so I decided that I would be out to the greenway late morning in hopes of getting in my total miles before the rain moved in.  Once again I had company as Tony tackled the 12 miles with me at my pace.  The weather cooperated…we even had a few peaks of sunshine, which was unexpected.

I was happy with my hydration, nutrition and overall with my run.  I ran with four bottles on my hydration belt (two with Gatorade Endurance, which will be the Raleigh 70.3 course, and two with water) and took in some strawberry shot blocks during the run.  Tony and I shared a Honey Stinger Caramel Waffle in the car in the way to the park.  #HSHIVE

The last three miles were especially a challenge as my body was ready to be done.  At those points, I just bear down as I know that those miles in the bank are so important when it comes to race day.  I was happy that I was able to finish up with good consistency in my splits.

Run Splits



Total training time:  10 hours 55 minutes
Swim:  4,900 yards
Bike:  77.4 miles
Run:  21.6 miles
Other:  1 hour

I also incorporate twice daily PT exercises that are meant to strengthen/stretch my glutes, hamstrings and re-align my hips. This probably averages about 25 minutes a day and I have not included that in the above totals. However, this is probably one of the smartest things I am doing daily!

I struggled a bit this week with my right glute and the achiness that I felt at times.  I have been very diligent with my therapy exercises, but parts of my body was not happy with me over the weekend.  I think the upcoming recovery week has timed out well (along with my scheduled PT appointment).

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After a very busy weekend and some lingering soreness from my training sessions, a new week began. It is absolutely crazy how quickly weekends pass. Just not fair…

Monday morning started with a core workout. I definitely was not feeling too energized, but I got my one-hour session knocked out. The evening included a PT appointment, so core was the goal for the day.

Tuesday PM:
2500-yard swim. Unfortunately, I have to say that this swim was terrible. Truth. I can’t remember the last time I felt this way about a swim. I have been so focused and have seen some improvements over the last few weeks, but there were no signs of this during the swim. On my way home from the pool, I called Tony, as I always do. He asked me how my swim was and I reported the same to him. I then said that there was no point in discussing it (which is a good thing for me because I have a tendency to over analyze things) and I was just over it already. I believe that it is good to reflect on what may have not gone well and what I should work on for next time, but this was just one of those workouts that I just pushed aside and did not spend time trying to wrap my head around it. Done.

The good news for Tuesday was that a package was waiting for me when I arrived home. These Honey Stinger Waffles are absolutely one of my favorite choices for sports nutrition. I have been completely hooked on the honey flavor for quite some time. When I read that they debuted a new caramel flavor, I had to try it! I am absolutely not surprised, but I like it! I believe this is the only product I would “risk” buying a full box before ever trying the flavor. The Honey Stinger products taste so natural and I knew I could not go wrong with adding caramel to my shopping cart!  #HSHIVE

Honey Stinger

Wednesday AM:
After a slow start to  the training week, next up on the plan was a tempo run.  I was still working on the same tempo pace from the past few weeks.  I have been gradually working up the time that I am able to sustain the pace in the targeted heart rate zone. I was hoping to get in the 45 minutes for the main set (with 5 minute warm-up/5 minute cool down) that I had not been able to total quite yet (before needing to slow the speed for heart rate). Would today be the day??? YEP! It felt good to get this run done and meet this goal.

Wednesday PM:
Back to the pool…with only 24 hours since my “session to forget”, I had another swim workout on the plan. This 2500-yard swim was ok.  Better than Tuesday’s swim. One thing that I was not on track with was with a series of 3x200s.  These 200s were supposed to be performed at slow, moderate and then fast paces.  A couple of weeks ago when I had this series in my workout, I was able to really nail it.  (Historically, I have not had enough differential in the three different speeds.)  Today, I did not have enough variance between moderate and fast.  I just need to keep at it to gain the consistency!

Thursday PM:
The plan was to ride with the TriLife store group ride. This was actually the plan for Tuesday, originally, but the threat of rain forced me to change the plans. I was holding out hope that Thursday would cooperate, but the threat of severe weather, drove me home to the trainer. I got in a great 80-minute trainer ride and watched out the window as the storms moved in.



I met my ride buddy, Susanne, in her neighborhood as a friend of hers had planned a 50 mile ride and that was the distance I needed as well. The morning was actually a little cool and I will mention that we have been COVERED in pollen. This time of year we typically get inundated with the yellow stuff coating everything in sight! Luckily, I don’t really have allergies to the stuff, so I just continue my outdoor activities. We had a good 53 mile ride, in just a bit over 3 hours, and it ended up being a terrifically beautiful day to be out on the bike. I definitely had a covering of pollen on my skin afterwards, but that just made for an even more enjoyable shower!

With another beautiful day forecasted, I wanted to get out on the greenway late morning to get started.  I had my fingers crossed for a solid run. I just want to see my efforts with the tempo runs pay off on my long runs. While the run was not easy, I felt better than I did last week and my pace was more in the range of what I was hoping….8:53 average for the 10 miles. Tony ran my pace with me and having a partner always is a great addition to a long run!

Sweaty Selfie

Sweaty Selfie!!!

After we got home and cleaned up, Tony and I tried something that I have heard about/read about before, but just have never tried for recovery. “Legs up the wall”.

Legs up the wall

Legs up the wall!

We stayed in this position for a decent amount of time (I didn’t time it) and I thought it was a very interesting feeling while my legs were elevated (sensations through my legs). Towards the end, my feet felt a little tingly. Overall, I am glad we remembered to give this a try. Later on in the afternoon, I commented to Tony that my legs felt pretty decent…I thought better than they generally do after a long run.  I think “legs up the wall” may have been beneficial!

Do you put your legs up the wall?

Total training time: 9 hours 59 minutes
Swim: 5,000 yards
Bike: 71.72 miles
Run: 16.29 miles
Other: 1 hour

I also incorporate twice daily PT exercises that are meant to strengthen/stretch my glutes, hamstrings and re-align my hips. This probably averages about 25 minutes a day and I have not included that in the above totals. However, this is probably one of the smartest things I am doing daily!

This ‘n That


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This 'n That

I decided to share “this ‘n that” which is random stuff that I have found useful/insightful/interesting/funny/etc from various sources.  I think I will pull together these type posts from time to time as I enjoy reading and learning new things.


Chrissie Wellington on…Beating body confidence issues

One of the Queens of Kona shares some insightful and poignant words in this article that will ring true to many.  I especially liked this excerpt…”We must celebrate our individuality, and be grateful for the opportunity to do this sport, to be healthy, to race, to be with friends, visit new places and challenge ourselves. ”


Flashback to when I met Chrissie Wellington in Kona in 2013


Don’t give up until you cross the finish line!

I saw this video for the first time a few weeks ago and I did not realize that this happened ten years ago until I was searching for it again to share here.  This video captures an unbelievably exciting sprint finish that you won’t forget!  Check it out!


Tempo Runs

Tempo runs have been a big part of my training plan for the past several weeks.  Since one of my goals for Raleigh 70.3 is to better my time in all three disciples, I have been incorporating the weekly tempo run as a means for improvement.  There are many different perspectives on tempo running, but I found this article as one that describes the tempo run in a way that I have learned over the past several years.  This quote sums it up well…”It’s what I call ‘comfortably hard,'” says Pierce. “You know you’re working, but you’re not racing. At the same time, you’d be happy if you could slow down.”


Glute Strength

I have been seeing a Physical Therapist for a few months now.  I think I have been a challenge to him since initially he thought some basic stretching and strengthening exercises would improve the achiness I felt in my right glute and hip.  So, over the course of time, he has me try several different exercises.  While my issue has not (YET) been fully resolved, I feel he has a real good idea of what is really the issue and and has prescribed the therapy that will make me stronger.  I am keeping my fingers crossed as I continue to perform my exercises routinely.

I had been asked to share some of these exercises and I had planned to.  However, I have learned (from my PT) and lots of reading/research online, that many basic exercises can be slightly modified and the intent changes greatly.  My therpaist has tweaked the way I perform several of the prescribed exercises, so I am following his direction.  I did not really feel comfortable sharing the exact exercise since they are targeted at MY specific weaknesses/issues.  However, I did find a couple of resources that I think are great and are very related to what I am experiencing and trying to do to improve.  It seems they give good general advice which can be used by many.

This article on glute strength talks about a potential issue of “glutes aren’t as active as other running muscles during routine activities, which can make your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves disproportionately stronger. Another issue is that most strength-training routines don’t isolate the glutes. If an exercise requires several muscles to perform the movement, the majority of the work will be done by the strongest of those muscles. Also, tight muscles, specifically the hip flexors, can inhibit the glutes and prevent their muscle fibers from firing.”

This second article on glute strength talks about “the muscular imbalances most common among runners: weak glutes, tight hip flexors and hamstrings, sub-par posture.”  It provides four variations on the bridge exercise.  I currently include a version that my therapist recommends for me and it has made me realize how weak my glutes are and therefore how much I need to perform this exercise!


I will end on a funny…I laughed out loud when I read this one…


Have a great week!!!

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This week marked a new three-week build period in my preparation for Raleigh 70,3 (three weeks of build/one week recovery). However, it did not start the best way. Sunday night/Monday morning, I slept horribly and not long enough. I have no idea why I had such difficulty sleeping (no caffeine late in the evening or anything else I can guess). I was struggling so much through the night that I ended up changing my Monday morning alarm that would allow me to skip my planned early yoga session. The additional time sleeping was completely necessary. However, I woke up about 15 minutes before that yoga alarm would have gone off. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn’t (ugh!!). So I got up and proceeded to get in yoga.

Monday AM:
30 minutes (sleepy) yoga

After a very sluggish start to the day, I was feeling ok after I got to the office and settled in. Then around 2:00, I started dragging. It made for a long afternoon, but we all have days like this.

Monday PM:
2000-yard swim. I had a speed set planed, so I went in with the idea that I would just give it my best (that’s pretty much my philosophy all the time). My session was not bad, it just was not quite to the level that I has worked up to the last couple of weeks. I would guess that the fatigue level played a small part, but I got it done.


Tuesday PM:
One hour run outside. Tony and I ran from our house throughout the surrounding neighborhoods.  This ended up being a tough run with lots of hills.  I worked really hard (and I felt like it) Overall, relatively happy with the average pace, but my heart rate was tracking a little higher than it should for a good amount of the run. We ended with a bit over 7 miles at just under 1:03. The weather was nice, so that was a bonus.

Wednesday AM:
55-minute trainer ride with focus on big gear and low cadence. Good start to a Wednesday.

Wednesday PM:
2200-yard swim with focus on speed (again). I felt much better in the pool than I had on Monday which resulted in a better (mentally and physically) workout.

Thursday PM:
Outdoor ride from a local Tri Shop called TriLife. The store conducts group rides twice a week and they have started back for the season! I rode with them frequently last summer after IMLP training was over and I had lots of flexibility. These rides typically end up being great for me because there are faster cyclists riding and I try to hold on to faster pace than I normally would be able to hold solo. This pushes me and it is a great way to continue to become stronger on the bike. I put in just under 23 miles in 1:12 at an average pace of 18.8. After the ride, I ran an easy mile with another rider to flush out the legs a bit. Great workout on a pretty evening.


 Rest Day

The weather forecast for Saturday looked pretty sketchy most of the week. It looked to be relatively warm, but possibly rain early in the day, and that was the timeframe in which I would be doing my training. Luckily, the weather cooperated and it was rain free, so I was able to head out to the greenway to get in my long run. It had been a while since I ran on the greenway, but it is really an excellent place to run and definitely my preference for long runs. Why I like it so much is that you don’t have to think. You just jump on (after driving a short distance) and run an out and back. No course to map out or turns to remember. Also, there are generally other people out and about running or cycling.


My Saturday run



Views along our greenway

My run was planned for 1 hour 20 mins. This was to be my longest run in quite some time, but I felt ready. The first couple of miles did not feel the best. However, this is not unusual for me. I typically feel like I fall into pace and a groove after my body has had the chance to really get warmed up and clued in that it is time to run! I felt like that just never really happened. While I was able to maintain a fairly consistent pace, I felt like I was struggling most of the run. I was aiming for a quicker pace than I was able to pull out, but at least I was able to find consistency and hold that throughout. With the tempo runs I have had in my plan, I should definitely be able to push the pace more, but today was not the day. I finished out with 8.88 miles in the prescribed time. I was more achy when I finished and felt that way through the day.  I suspect that I was probably dehydrated before the run even started, which did not set me up to meet my expectations. I ran with hydration and consumed it all, but I think my starting point was low. Rookie mistake,,,

Easter! This would be a full day, so planning was key. We were up to attend Easter Mass on a beautiful morning. After church, we headed home, had a light bite of lunch (oatmeal, actually) and Tony and I headed out from our house for a bike ride. The first hour I was definitely dragging a bit…residual from Saturday, I believe, but soon after we crossed the one hour mark, I hit more of my groove. We ended up just under 43 miles in 2:23. For this hilly route, which is a frequent one for us, I was very pleased with the ride. It was a beautiful day, a bit of wind, but that is typical for spring.  We then had late afternoon and evening activities, so there was no rest after the ride. The remainder of the day was enjoyable and I hated for another weekend to end.  Glad we could have this pretty day for Easter and afternoon ride!

Total training time: 9 hours 13 minutes
Swim: 4,200 yards
Bike: 76.5 miles
Run: 17.07 miles
Other: 30 minutes

I also incorporate twice daily PT exercises that are meant to strengthen/stretch my glutes, hamstrings and re-align my hips. This probably averages about 25 minutes a day and I have not included that in the above totals. However, this is probably one of the smartest things I am doing daily!

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Recovery week. In my opinion, these are always good. I see it as an end to the prior build and a chance to get re-charged for the next 3-week build. It is like an end and a beginning all at once. The timing of this was actually ideal as I had alot of things on the calendar (mostly fun stuff) to work around.Getting closer

Monday AM:
Started the week with a one hour stretch session. We have a video that is pure stretching for the entire body so it is a great way to start a recovery week!

Tuesday AM:
2500-yard swim with varying focus.

W/U: 500 easy mix with swim/drills/pull/kick incorporated throughout
Main Set (1800 yds):
-3×300 easy-to-moderate :30sec rest between intervals
-3×200 easy/moderate/FAST, :30 sec rest between intervals
-12×25 evens EASY, odds FAST :20sec rest between intervals
C/D: 200 easy

This session was good for me. I especially like the 200s where the first is easy, second is moderate and the third is fast. I used to not have great differential between my slow and fast paces. This is something I have worked on over time and I was able to get really good differential between the the three different paces this time. Very pleased with that!

Wednesday AM:
Treadmill Run:  I was once again going for my most recent tempo pace established two weeks ago. The most I have been able to run at this pace before slowing it down (to keep my heart rate in the desired zone) has been 30 minutes. This run was scheduled to be a 40-minute main set (a bit shorter due to recovery week plan) with 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool down. I was able to knock out 35 minutes this time before slowing the pace a bit to keep my heart rate down. The 40 minutes was definitely tough and I was pretty wiped after this run.  

Thursday PM:
50 minutes on the trainer with the focus on big gear and low RPMs. I really do prefer the big gear workouts…I definitely prefer them to the high cadence work. All the various workouts have their place and all are challenging in their own way, but that is more my first choice!

Rest day!

On this note of rest day…I was just reading a post/question on the “Women for Tri” Facebook page where someone asked about her 70.3 training and never having a rest day. There were a bunch of comments and I was surprised at some of the feedback I read. I know everyone has a different training philosophy, but I honestly don’t understand the philosophy of NOT having a day off. One of the comments that really surprised me was from someone training for an IM…she commented that “you can’t fit it all in if you take a rest day”. From the very first training plan I ever followed for a sprint tri to the IM plan I followed last year for Placid, rest has always been incorporated. I think it is an element that should not be overlooked at any level. It can almost take more importance as you train for longer distances…you are asking more and more of your body and it NEEDS some time to recover. Obviously, this is just my opinion, and I would be interested to hear other opinions on the subject as well!

2700-yard endurance swim

W/U: 500 easy mix with swim/drills/pull/kick incorporated throughout
Main Set (2000 yds):
-1×500 moderate :60sec rest
-5×100 moderate, :20 sec rest between intervals
-1×500 moderate :60sec rest
-5×100 moderate, :20 sec rest between intervals
C/D: 200 easy

I last performed this same workout on March 13, so I was able to do a time comparison. My times improved, most notably, the times for the 500 sets. I was able to see significant gains there, so I was especially pleased with this swim!

The weather for this weekend was not the spring-like temperatures we had been experiencing in recent weekends. It was a cold weekend to get out on the bike…I could have bundled up and done just that, but since we have had some good bike riding weather, the cold was not desirable. I jumped on the trainer Sunday morning around 8:30 before the day got too hectic. It was a good 1 hour 20 minute session that went by relatively quickly because it involved frequent cadence changes.

Overall, this was a good recovery week.  I feel I am at a good place.  I know the next three-week build session will be important as we really get through the halfway mark of the plan working toward Raleigh 70.3.

Total training time: 5 hours 57 minutes
Swim:  5,200 yards
Bike: 26.5 miles (all trainer)
Run: 5.63 miles
Other: 1 hour

I also incorporate twice daily PT exercises that are meant to strengthen/stretch my glutes, hamstrings and re-align my hips. This probably averages about 25 minutes a day and I have not included that in the above totals. However, this is probably one of the smartest things I am doing daily!