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2014…I will never forget. It was a year in which I pushed my limits, accomplished big goals and created a stronger version of myself. To dream big and work hard to make it reality, is an incredibly special personal achievement. One that I will hold dear and also one that will continually motivate me in life.


2014 has also been a year where I have been reminded daily of the true gift that I have been given of good health. I say this with complete honesty. Every day that I am able to get out of bed and tackle the adventures and challenges that I choose is precious. So many times during the year, I have thought to myself how LUCKY I am!!! To be able to lace up my running shoes to go out and enjoy a beautiful day…to jump on my bike and ride for miles and miles until I feel like I can ride no further. It is something that empowers me and makes me feel alive! I may get frustrated at times with the occasional aches and pains or have a bad day and feel like nothing is going quite right, but my good health is something I treasure and try my best to not take for granted.

Life is Too Short

For the past several years, I have really been trying to ENJOY life and realize that each day is a blessing. This year has cemented that drive. Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week or next month. Don’t put things off…plan that vacation you have been dreaming about. Enjoy the moments in life that make you smile. Spend more time with those people that make you laugh. Give hugs…lots of them! Push yourself…set that goal and start down your path to accomplish it. Make 2015 a year to step out of your comfort zone and try something that will make you feel remarkable! Whatever it is that you choose, embrace it. Learn from life and what can make it even better. Take the hardships, work to overcome them and make yourself a stronger individual. This is how I will go forward in 2015. I know there will be lots of highs, plenty of lows, tears of sadness and plenty of fear and frustration. BUT…I will try to do the best I can and continue to make the most out of this life I have been given.



In Memoriam: RDS (12/8/49-12/30/14)

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Saturday night was an annual event that we look forward to every year.  It is the MJG Santa Pub Crawl to raise money for brain cancer research.  Back in July, I posted about the MJG Brain Cancer Research Fund and why it is a cause that I believe in.  This annual event is one of the big fund raisers of the year…plus it is a blast!

We had some friends over to our house for food and drink before we headed to downtown Raleigh for the festivities.  We got in some great photo opportunities as well!


Tony and I were ready for our 7th year at the MJG Santa Pub Crawl!


Kelly & Sean as Santa’s Elf and Ralphie from A Christmas Story!


Donna and David as the snow globe and snowman!


A little kiss for my polar bear!


A couple of elves ready to hit the town!

The night consisted of visiting three different bars and hanging out with lots of great people!

pub 1

Pub Crawl

Tony with our friends Amanda as Ms. Reindeer and Rusty as Santa Burt

Pub Crawl 2

Santa Eric (the organizer of all the craziness) with Bert and Andrea, Ms. Reindeer

Pub Crawl 3

My Tony with Tony G., as Scrooge

Lee & Kelly

Kelly and I with Jiri Tlusty, a Carolina Hurricanes player, who just happened to be at the second bar that the crawl visited.

Polar Bear and Bert with Elias Lindholm, another Carolina Hurricanes player, that agreed to have a photo to support the cause!

pub 3

pub 2

The Polar Bear and Santa Bert receive so many requests for photos from people that are at the various bars (not there for the event per se) that they also ask for a small donation when they agree to the picture. All those donations added up to over $100 that will go to the cause!

The evening was another night of great fun and I am certain it raised a lot more money for brain cancer research!