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When I finished up my training yesterday (detailed weekly recap to come), I was officially at the half way mark of my plan. Twelve weeks completed and twelve weeks to go. Tony and I were talking last night that in twelve weeks, I will have completed my Ironman in Lake Placid (nothing but positive thoughts). Even though I am at this point, I do realize that I am not actually half way done with my training (volume wise). I have so many hours yet to complete and so many long training sessions in the coming weeks. These times are the ones that will continue to define my training and push me to new areas that I once thought impossible.

It is exciting, yet makes me anxious, as the time passes. Honestly, I don’t love to race, per se. I know that on race morning, my stomach will be filled with butterflies and nervous energy. Sure, I am competitive (mostly with myself) and want to kick butt on race day, but I have found that it is truly the process of training where I have really grown as an athlete and learned so much about my character. This race day will be so very different than anything I have ever experienced and I will have to pull so much from myself and rely on all these hours and hours of training. Race day is the icing on the cake and crossing the finish line makes all the hard work totally worth it. I dream of that feeling that I will have on July 27 as I cross the finish line. That thought is what keeps me going at times when I want to stop. I will continue to press hard during the next twelve weeks and totally keep my eye on the prize. Certainly, I know what I want on race day and I will continue to put in all work that I can to make my dream a reality.

The Harder You Work

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